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A great way to cleanse your crystals, home and office space is with incense. Frankincense is a very popular resin, the ancient Egyptians burned frankincense to honour Ra. When burned, it is believed to releases powerful vibrations which not only uplift those of the area, but also drives out all evil and negativity. Frankincense is therefore used in incenses of exorcism, protection, purification and consecration. It is also burned to induce visions and to aid meditation, and is added to sachets for luck, protection and spiritual growth. Continue reading Frankincense

A crystal ball or just a sphere

Crystal balls get a lot of criticism, most people can’t get past the thought of the dressed up fortune teller spinning stories. But, if you remove the stigma of the fortune teller, you will see that a crystal sphere/ball is a beautiful specimen in its own right. A crystal sphere can be used in meditation, hold one in your palm and gaze into it, this will calm your mind and you will loose yourself in its beauty (don’t forget to take slow deep breaths). If you have two hold them in each palm, close your eyes and breath slowly and … Continue reading A crystal ball or just a sphere

Pretty pink agate πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

Agate comes in many colours and this one is so pretty.  A powerful healer, it works slowly but brings great strength. Agate is known as a strength crystal and instils this quality both mentally and physically. Helps to eliminate inner anger and to promote inner peace. Enables you to foster love and become more open to positive relationships. Agate is said to encourage fidelity in marriage. Agate is also a grounding and balancing crystal helping in and encouraging you to β€˜digest’ life’s experiences and thereby leads you on to spiritual maturity. Pink Agate is a stabilising and balancing crystal that … Continue reading Pretty pink agate πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•